Bak kwa (Chinese sweet dried meat) is a popular gift during Chinese New Year. If you are planning to bring some from Malaysia to your friends and family in Singapore, you probably want to leave them at home or they will be confiscated before it enters the country.

According to Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s recent Facebook post, officers at Woodlands checkpoint have detected two cases of the dried meat concealed in a cookie/pastry packaging and the items had to be disposed.

The Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) would like to remind travellers that controlled items such as meat, meat products and eggs can only be imported from sources that meet AVA’s animal health and food safety standards. Currently AVA has approved 21 countries including Canada, Netherland and United States for import of meat and meat products in to Singapore.

For a list of approved countries, please refer to AVA’s website,