Universal Studios Japan Introduce New Ticket Prices in 2019

Universal Studios Japan is one of the must visit places in Osaka offering world class entertainment such as authentic attractions and shows, based not only on Hollywood blockbusters but also popular entertainment brands and a variety of seasonal events.

New Waterworld at Universal Studios Japan

Starting from 10 January 2019, Universal Studios Japan will introduce tiered pricing based on seasonal and daily demand. Ticket prices will vary by the day and during low season, the prices will be lower than the current ticket price of ¥ 7900 for adults and ¥5400 for child. The prices of the tickets for April 2019 and beyond will be announced 3 months in advance.

The park has also introduce new prices for the following ticket types beginning 10 January 2019.

1.5 Days Studio Pass: Adult ¥12,300, Child ¥8,400
2 Days Studio Pass: Adult: ¥14,700, Child ¥10,000

Universal Studios Japan also introduced a new Universal Annual Light Pass for repeat visitors at ¥19,800 per adult and ¥13,500 per child. It may be used to enter the theme park multiple times except for peak dates (approximately 70-75 days yearly).

The popular Universal Annual Pass will continue to be sold at ¥25,800 per adult and ¥17,500 per child with exclusion dates of approx 20 days annually.

Universal Studios Japan is preparing for the opening of “Super Nintendo World” in 2020. Other exciting show and attractions that have opened in the park recently:

  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Open since 16 March 2018)
  • Universal Spectacle Night Parade (Open since 17 May 2018)
  • New Waterworld (Open since 01 June 2018)
  • Playing with Curious George (Open since 30 June 2018)
  • Freeze Ray Sliders in Minion Park (Open since 20 June 2018)

What do you like best about Universal Studios Japan?

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